Tributary Maintenance

Campaign for the Protection of Welsh Fisheries takes over responsibility for tributary improvement project.

Following the Trust’s extensive habitat improvement work on a two-mile length of the Dwr Iâl, a small tributary of the Afon Clwyd, the Campaign for the Protection of Welsh Fisheries has agreed to take over responsibility for future maintenance of the project to ensure the stream does not revert to its previous state.

Unlike stretches of river owned or leased by angling clubs, which are generally well maintained, the Dŵr Ial, like many other small tributary streams, has over the years and for many reasons, been neglected. Yet these small streams are where salmon and sea trout used to go to spawn and which also provided a safe haven for the alevin and par as they began their development before migrating into the main river from which they later head out to sea.

Recognising the importance and future potential of the stream, the Trust erected fencing to protect the banks and also provided gated cattle crossing and livestock drinking locations. Members also removed trees to allow more natural light to penetrate the canopy to help re-esatablish in-river weed growth to encourage the return of invertebrate life that would provide food for young and developing fish.

The work is already producing results with bankside vegitation now growing where previously there was just mud and members seeing new in-river weed growth, finding evidence of invertibrates becoming re-established and even that the stream is starting to be re-colonised by small trout, whereas it was devoid of all these before the project commenced.

To maintain this progress though, trees and bushes will need to be cut back and fencing maintained periodically to ensure the stream and its banks don’t revert to how they were previously and in the hope, that in time, it will become a salmon and sea trout nursery once more that will contribute to migratory fish stocks in the Afon Clwyd.

More volunteers are needed to help help with this work and to enable CPWF to expand and take on other similar projects. If you would like to help and by doing so make a contribution to the environment and improve fishing on the Afon Clwyd, phone 01745 857 627 or e-mail to offer your assistance.

You can find out more about this project and other projects the Campaign for the Protection of Welsh Fisheries is involved in by visiting the organisation’s website at

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