River Clwyd & Tributaries Surveying Project

Project Introduction:

The Trust is pleased to announce that it is now in a position to think seriously about biding for funding to enable it to put in hand much needed improvement works to the Clwyd and Conwy river systems. However in order to secure this funding it will be necessary for us to submit formal bids or applications to the various funding bodies.

To do that we need to know what improvements are needed? We are all aware of areas that we feel need work but we need to co-ordinate the recording of these in a meaningful way so that our bids are both as accurate as possible and as relevant as possible to specific areas on the rivers. This is where we need your club or syndicates help: you have to carry out detailed surveys of your river.

  1. Obstructions to the passage of migratory fish
  2. Essential habitat improvements
  3. Location of invasive weeds
  4. Areas of bank erosion
  5. Stretches where the banks are overgrown and forming tunnel vegetation
  6. The locations of fallen trees
  7. Condition of fencing or lack thereof
  8. Culvert and crossing points
  9. Overgrazed banks
  10. The presence of Otter or Mink
  11. Any other matters that you feel are impacting on the health of the fishery and its fish.

Whilst this survey work is in hand we will be seeking as many sources of funding as we can and as we find these potential funders we will need the information gathered by the surveys to submit our bids.


The survey will involve volunteers walking the rivers with paper maps, notes books etc and mapping out the problem areas and points of note on our river systems. Armed with this information, volunteers will need to transfer the details onto a Database the link is also at the top left of this page. All the data contained in the database will be plotted on the CCRT mapping system and the output will be published via this website. In addition we will also perform detailed data analysis to establish trends and to monitor progress of CCRT improvement initiatives. Those details will also be published here.

Reporting an environmental incident

To report an environmental incident such as suspected poaching, pollution or wildlife crime, the dumping of hazardous or industrial waste and illegal abstraction from watercourses etc, call Natural Resources Wales’ incident hotline on 0300 065 3000 (24 hour service).

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