Nant Y Goron Easements

Jul 28, 2021

The Nant Y Goron is an important salmon and seatrout spawning tributary that enters the river Conwy just upstream of Llanrwst on the true right bank.

A survey in 2020 identified a small weir downstream of the Nebo Rd at Cae Melwr Farm which presents an obstruction to fish migration on low flows due to the uniformly shallow nature of the concrete sloped face.

Approximately 200m upstream of the road bridge there is also a sloped rock face (possibly man-made/unknown) that similarly restricts fish passage under low flow. An old EAW project constructed a boulder pre-barrage at this site to address the issue but has become damaged by severe flooding.

The NWRT project helped to improve fish passage over both structures by constructing a boulder pre-barrage at the farm weir and repairing the historic barrage at the upstream site.

A timber baffle/baulk was also attached to the concrete weir face to provide a focused access route for migration.

In addition, approx 350m of stock fencing was installed upstream of the road bridge to prevent the further poaching of riverbank by cattle.

Reporting an environmental incident

To report an environmental incident such as suspected poaching, pollution or wildlife crime, the dumping of hazardous or industrial waste and illegal abstraction from watercourses etc, call Natural Resources Wales’ incident hotline on 0300 065 3000 (24 hour service).

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