Flylife – Invertebrate Monitoring Project

River flies, along with other freshwater invertebrates, are at the heart of the freshwater ecosystem and are a vital link in the aquatic food chain. Their common characteristics of limited mobility, relatively long life cycle, presence throughout the year and specific tolerances to changes in environmental conditions make them good biotic indicators of water quality and useful indicators of change in local environmental conditions.

The Clwyd & Conwy Trust in partnership with the Environment Agency and the Riverfly partnership are currently running a monitoring project on both the Clwyd & Conwy Rivers and tributaries to establish the fly life presence, key trends and to identify potential areas for habitat improvement initiatives.

The project is open to all to join and involves receiving training from the Environment Agency on how to perform the sampling procedure, species recognition and analysis/recording of results. Trained volunteers are provided with the required equipment to carry out the sampling at times to suit individual volunteers and at various locations, co-odinated by the Environment Agency.

Latest Results 2009 (Click the graph below to enlarge):

Reporting an environmental incident

To report an environmental incident such as suspected poaching, pollution or wildlife crime, the dumping of hazardous or industrial waste and illegal abstraction from watercourses etc, call Natural Resources Wales’ incident hotline on 0300 065 3000 (24 hour service).

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